Belle II & You


Anyone who wants to understand the Belle II experiment better? The Belle II Masterclass offers students aged 15-19 the opportunity to spend a whole day intensively studying the experiment.

In the course, our PhD students present the most important physical principles and the Belle II detector in a well-prepared and learner-friendly way. Students are subsequently invited to perform a simplified physical analysis of a data set of physics events to gain a deeper understanding of the experiments and analysis that underlie this important branch of research. Students have the opportunity to ask all their questions directly to our young scientists and get a good understanding of the research being done at the Belle II experiment and, by extension, in the field of particle physics in general.

Additional highlights of the course are a virtual tour of the experiment and a live connection to the Japanese research center.

Computer mit Belle II Detektoranimation; Animation © KEK
Computer with Belle II Detektoranimation; Photo © Pixabay; Animation © KEK