Belle II & You

Belle II materials

Scientists from the Belle II experiment have made it their goal to communicate their knowledge to the public on a comprehensible level. On this website, we have compiled a small collection of material with information that might be of interest to curious students and dedicated teachers.


General particle physics

For the classroom

A large collection of excellent teaching materials is available on the pages of the "Netzwerk Teilchenwelt". The detailed teaching and context materials with worksheets and the like are especially suitable for teachers who want to make their lessons exciting and oriented towards modern research questions. However, particularly committed students can also benefit from the materials in self-study.


Belle II Masterclasses

Masterclass preparation

To get a good insight into the research at Belle II, students are recommended to attend a Belle II Masterclass. Although the Masterclasses do not require explicit preparation, it is beneficial to study the topic in advance, since this will lead to an even better understanding of the content taught. The following materials are intended for preparation and have been provided by the University of Bonn.

An overview of the topics and tasks of the Masterclass can be found here.

Slides on particle physics and the Standard Model, as well as on the detector and the Belle II experiment can be obtained from the Belle II office upon request.

Belle II LEGO model

For classroom and home

The Belle II KIT team has developed a new outreach tool. With the mini LEGO model, students and adults can playfully explore the structure of a particle detector and learn about the fascinating world of particle physics. The model shows how a particle detector works and allows them to better understand the different parts that make up the detector. It is easy to build and lightens up every lesson; puzzling a detector together is much more fun than frontal teaching. What you have built once, stays in memory easier. 

Both the parts list and the building instructions are open source - feel free to send us feedback! We are looking forward to it.

Time-lapse video of LEGO detector building can be found here!