Schüler bei der Masterclass © Barbara Wankerl

Belle II & You

Your path to Belle II

Would you like to join Belle II and perhaps even become one of our leading researchers?

Which path to the Belle II project is best for you depends, obviously, on your current level of qualification. Pupils make their first contacts by participating in a Masterclass and can become a Fellow, a project supported by the 'Netzwerk Teilchenwelt'. In order to really be active in the Belle II project later on, you should e.g. aim for a degree in physics or computer science - depending on which field you want to work in later on. On the research pages you will find a 'skill box' with skills that are advantageous for the Belle II project. Belle II employs researchers in a variety of fields, including hardware and engineering, software, or physics analysis.

Students can join the Belle II project at different levels. It is worthwhile to take a look at the institute pages of our members, where bachelor, master or PhD theses are often advertised. It can also be very worthwhile to simply ask the people in charge if they have any need for students.

Although the path from a master class to a finished doctoral thesis may seem long, it is worth it. After all, even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Graduation Cap Herkunft Pixabay
Belle II in education: from masterclass to doctoral celebration; image © Pixabay.